The more things change

The more they stay the same. Microsoft has changed their tack, from casting people who hate Internet Explorer as internet trolls (rather learning from the reaction from basically every person who has ever tried to build a cross-browser website for themselves or a client) to casting it as a new browser.
Of course its a product of the same old Microsoft and a quick comparison on caniuse shows it; Shadow DOM? Nope. Server sent events? Nope. WebRTC? Nope.

Everything looks the same:

People are still writing shims to bring IE up to speed with the rest of the web.

IE is still adopting standards as slowly as possible, trying stave off the inevitable moment where web apps compete directly with desktop apps and the OS ceases to mean anything.


I’m curious about the direction IE will take once Microsoft’s new CEO Satya Nadella has been around long enough to make his mark. Releasing Office of iPad in his first appearance as CEO is definitely a statement, as is rechristening “Windows Azure” to “Microsoft Azure” (since its aimed a more than just Windows…). We’ll have to wait to see what this more collaborative attitude means for IE. For the moment, the “new” IE, in spite of its rapid release cycle looks a lot like the old IE when you compare it to Firefox and Chromium.


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