Usb tethering – that was easy

I’ve had my Google Nexus phone for a while now and am only just starting to explore some of the stuff it can do. A recent pleasant surprise was using tethering so I could connect to the internet from my laptop via my phone. I connected my phone to my laptop with the USB cable and dug into the settings:

Android settings
Android settings screen
Android wireless settings
Android wireless settings
Tethering and portable hotspot
Tethering and portable hotspot

As you can see you don’t need to dig very far. When I tapped the the “USB tethering” option Ubuntu immediately popped up a notification saying that it had connected to a wired network… and then I checked my email. It happened so fast that I almost feel cheated out of doing something clever to get it going… almost.

If you don’t have your cable you can explore setting up a Wi-Fi hotspot. You’ll just have to add a name and a password for your network.

I have so many memories of installing Windows and having to use a second computer to download drivers for my network card (and every other card)… Ubuntu is making those memories feel very distant indeed.



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