Googles vision of the future of the web

There are some very interesting projects simmering away at Google. If you are looking for a mind blowing look at the future of the web, check out these two videos from Google I/O.

The first is “Web Components: A Tectonic Shift for Web Development” by Eric Bidelman

Next up is Alex Komoroske and Matt McNulty with “Web Components in Action”.

While the term web components has been around for a while, I had never really dug into what it actually was.
Over the last little while I have started working with Angular.js and it is really changing the way I am thinking about building web apps. Specifically their approach of creating custom elements and attributes and using them to build your app. After watching those videos it’s pretty clear that Angular is designed with that same vision of a component driven web in mind. The move to building apps using custom elements/Angular directives is all part of what Matt McNulty called “the declarative renaissance”.
After seeing those presentations I have to say that Google’s vision of the web’s future looks pretty good to me.


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