OsX annoyance

Whenever you talk User Interface with someone, somehow the Mac ends up being held up as a shining example of usability. For some reason I find the Mac deeply annoying. Take the “downloaded from the internet” warning for instance. I don’t stray from terminal very often, but a couple of times a week I launch MacVim and get this:


I’ve launched this app about twice a week for about a year, easily around a hundred times. Apparently OS X is capable of tracking when and how this app landed on my hard drive but not that I use it pretty frequently. Would it not be a reasonable thing to have some type of “stop asking me this question” option? Mozilla and many others have pulled this off so I am pretty sure it doesn’t require the GDP of Sweden to get the job done. In the vain hope that that the (?) might offer some helpful help (as opposed to the usual kind) I clicked and got this:


I can see how this self serving warning against “unlicensed software” is helpful to Apple. Do you suppose there is an option to specify who the help is supposed to be helpful to somewhere?

It turns out that you can drop to the terminal and enter:

xattr -d -r com.apple.quarantine ~/Downloads

People constantly criticise Linux for this sort of thing, but for some reason Apple can do the same and somehow maintain its reputation for ease of use. How does that work?


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