Getting Sikuli running on Ubuntu

I have been wanting to play with the automation tool Sikuli for a while now. The few minutes I have dedicated to it have ended in frustration and promising myself that I would sit down and make a serious attempt at it some evening soon.

That evening finally happened. My attempts at the simplest script had ended each time with the error:

[error] Stopped [error] Error message: Traceback (innermost last): (no code object) at line 0 SyntaxError: ('future feature with_statement is not defined', (' ', 1, 6, ''))

A little duckduckgoing revealed that the problem is that the Ubuntu/Debian repositories have a old version of Jython which is causing Sikuli problems. It took a little experimentation (and upgrading both Sikuli and Jython) but this is what got my Sikuli script working:

wget -O jython_installer-2.5.2.jar

java -jar jython_installer-2.5.2.jar #run through the installer, I installed it into my home directory...

sudo ln -s /home/mike/jython2.5.2/jython /usr/local/bin/jython #then I created a link to it in my path

sudo apt-get install libcv2.1 libcvaux2.1 libhighgui2.1 # install some of the computer vision libraries Sikuli uses

Once that setup was done, I also downloaded and unzipped the latest version of Sikuli and then ran the script to start the ide:

Sikuli-X-1.0rc3 (r905)-linux-x86_64/Sikuli-IDE/

And it worked! Now I can finally experiment!


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