Using a Rogers Rocket Stick/Telecom T Stick with Ubuntu 10.10

Months ago I got a ZTE MF627 USB modem from Telecom New Zealand. It’s essentially a cell phone the size of a usb memory stick. There it is known as a T-stick, here in Ottawa, Rogers sells it as the Rogers Rocket stick. It didn’t work when I tried it initially, something to do with the kernel version that Ubuntu was using at the time. Well a few versions have ticked by and now I am running 2.6.35-28-generic and decided to give it another try. I am happy to say that this won’t be a post about solving a problem. I plugged it in, clicked through a wizard, and it works. You get to the wizard by right clicking on your network icon, selecting “edit connections” and in the Network connections box that opens click “Mobile Broadband” and then add. All the info about APN settings and whatnot are in there once you say what provider you are with. I am really impressed with how easy it was. The only downside to the whole thing is that it takes a minute or two to get connected once you plug it in. Other than that I am really pleased with how easy they made it to get this thing working. Kudos!


One thought on “Using a Rogers Rocket Stick/Telecom T Stick with Ubuntu 10.10”

  1. I have a ZTE Rogers Rocket Stick that I was hoping to use in NZ using Telecom. I gather that the ZTE and the T-Stick are similar but is my ZTE locked to Rogers? If so what can be done?

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