Keeping credentials out of your code with environmental vars

I have a project that is up on Github and deployed to Heroku. As I was adding the user credentials file to my project it dawned on me: my application needs these credentials when I run it on Heroku but I don’t want them to be part of my project and therefore visible to everyone on Github.

Turning to the great minds at Stackoverflow, I was advised to use environmental variables.
Since my application is connecting to another site via SFTP I have a hash of all the usual stuff; username password and hostname. It turns out you can just reference environmental variables like this:

@sftp_credentials = {Rails.env.to_sym => {
:sftp_host => ENV[‘SFTP_HOST’],
:sftp_user => ENV[‘SFTP_USER’],
:sftp_password => ENV[‘SFTP_PASSWORD’]

And then make sure you have the environment vars set in your .bashrc so they are available during local development:

export SFTP_HOST=’’
export SFTP_USER=’someuser’
export SFTP_PASSWORD=’somepassword’

And then set those variables on Heroku so they are available when your app runs there:

mike@sleepycat:~/projects/myapp$ heroku config:add SFTP_USER=someuser SFTP_PASSWORD=somepassword
Adding config vars:
SFTP_PASSWORD => somepassword
SFTP_USER => someuser
Restarting app…done.


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