Ubuntu Lucid Lynx Beta 2

Beta 2 was posted 5 days ago and I am just getting to giving it a spin. The amount of polish on this release is looking seriously impressive. There are still issues with ACPI when you run it in VirtualBox though. I was assuming those would be ironed out by now.

The UI design team at Ubuntu caused a bit of a kerfuffle when they chose to move the min/max/close buttons to the left side of the application windows. Its a change that I find somewhat annoying but one that it has been decided that will be included in the final release. Given that it is so easy to change back, its really not worth getting upset about. If you don’t like it, slap this in the nearest command line:

mike@sleepycat:~$ gconf-editor

The Gnome configuration editor will come up and under /apps/metacity/general/button_layout you can set the buttons up any way you like. The old setting was menu:minimize,maximize,close.

The new installer is looking really impressive:Over all everything is looking rounder, sleeker and sexier. The new purple colour scheme is really nice. I’m not sure yet what I think of the music store that is included in this version or the App store.

While I am happy to see Ubuntu taking this mainstream, I am a little wary of how well some of these commercial ventures will mix with the underlying philsophy. A big part of what makes Linux generally more secure than Windows is the fact that there is no monetary barrier to updating to the lastest version of whatever software. Can you sell applications without losing that? Not sure yet.

For those like myself running VirtualBox OSE 3.0.8; you will need to get a newer version of the Virtualbox Guest additions iso.


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