Rails 3 finder syntax

Reading about Rails 3 and all the changes that were made is definitely exciting. Big changes to the ActiveRecord API, revamping routing, a tonne of new stuff. At the same time it felt kind of depressing because at first glance it all looked SO different. Even good changes mean that you have to remember the old stuff to work on your old apps and the new stuff for the new apps. Its not as though there isn’t enough learning involved in this occupation already…

Now that I am starting to play with Rails 3 in some of my personal projects, I am happy to report that there is plenty that is exactly the same in Rails 3 and that even the changes are pretty easy to get used to.

So here you go, some things are the same in Rails 3:

Model.find id

Model.find id, id





Just avoid Model.find :first and Model.find :all. Especially since this syntax will not just deprecated but removed in Rails 3.2. Pratik from the core team has all the details.

The real changes are really just in how you handle giving options and conditions to the find. In fact the new syntax is very jQuery-like, which you are probably using anyway. It becomes natural very quickly.

Things like:

Model.where “id > 1”


Model.order(“id desc”).limit 1

There is lots more info over at Rails guides. Not so bad really. Now to figure out what they have done with the Routing!


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