Wrong side of the tracks: Rails on Ubuntu

Ever noticed that all the Ruby on Rails people seem to be “Mac people”? DHH and Ryan Bates (Rails casts), the guy from Peepcode all spring to mind. My boss and every other person that I have met that works in Rails, all do it on a Mac.

Well it might not have the sex appeal of the Mac, but Ubuntu is an amazing development platform and runs Ruby on Rails perfectly. My only real gripe with it, is that its a pain keeping up with their release cycle. Six months goes by really fast, and every time I install the latest version of Ubuntu,  I have to set up Rails again (I’m not one for upgrades, clean installs are the way to go).

Last time I decided that enough was enough. I wrote a setup script that installs everything needed for Rails development in one go.

I’ve used it a few times since then and its already saved me hours of setup time so I thought I would make it available.  So here you go world, even though this might be the slightly ghetto way to develop in Rails, it just got a little easier.

You can find it on github: http://github.com/sleepycat/wrong-side-of-the-tracks


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