All I want from Facebook…

The way Facebook looks at its users is that each one is a source of news. A friend request in Facebook-land is really a bi-directional subscription to each others news feeds. This is a cool way to look at the world and the result is a news feed for each of the users that only includes items that users have explicitly opted-into receiving. The other side effect is that the company is now worth 15 Billion dollars.

Sadly the Facebook applications seem to be able to ride roughshod over that opt-in philosophy and send events to users news feeds even when that user does not have the application installed. As a result my news feed now looks like this:

So and so got another likeness match. Are you like me?

This HOTorNOT user wants to meet so and so! What do you think of him? Click here so you can meet HOTTIES too ;)

Somebody scored points for Somebody-else in TV Show Trivia. Somebody just scored 120 points for Somebody-else’s team. Somebody-else’s team now has 17770 points and is a Ace. Play TV Trivia >>

Someone has received a new FunWall post!
Click here to see Someone’s photo!

So and so’s Zombie Mogul regulated on Somebody’s Ancient Vampire! Victory dances ensued. Huzzah!

My news feed is supposed to be the heart of Facebook and totally relevant to me as a user. If I was interested in receiving Vampire/Pirate/Zombie/Werewolf notifications from my friends I would have installed the application. In fact I specifically avoided installing the application because I hate them. Having my feed hijacked by applications I don’t even have installed is pretty bothersome. I know what I will be hoping for, for Christmas…

Facebook Application Sliders


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