Bettershopper extension for Firefox 2.0

So I finally got tired of waiting for the developer of one of my favorite Firefox extensions to update it to work with Firefox 2. Clearly he has a life or some outside interests (like family or something) that is messing with his release cycle. Though I have tried to be patient, being the CD shopping junkie that I am, life without the comparison shopping abilities of bettershopper has been painful. Lately I have been doing some reading about extension development in Firefox and today, gripped by a random fit of productivity I grabbed the bettershopper extension and modified it myself so it works with Firefox 2.0. If I had known how small the change was, I would have done it sooner. If you want to install it in your browser (and you do), click here.

For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, Bettershopper adds a table like this to product pages on Amazon showing you where you can get the best price on what you are searching for.

Bettershopper in action!


9 thoughts on “Bettershopper extension for Firefox 2.0”

  1. Argh! The link to the extension seems outdated. Would love to use this extension again. Can you please check or tell me what has to be changed for the old extension to work again?

  2. Hi

    I finally searched for an update to this extension and ended up on your site. But the download seems to be timing out. Is the server down or has the download moved somewhere else?

    thanks much

  3. I am hosting the XPI file on a box with a dynamic IP so that link gets broken fairly often. I guess I should look into putting it somewhere else. Its working for now though.
    Enjoy the extension!

  4. Pleeese put the xpi somewhere on the net :). There are plenty of free hosting sites, like or anything. Neeed bettershopper :), I think you know this feeling.

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