iPod battery problems

Well as you may have noticed from my previous posts, the battery life on the 5th generation iPod videos is not very good. Although it says 14 hours on the box, I was only able to get 5 and change and less than that if I were doing stuff that required backlight (reading for example). Although it would not suprise me if Rockbox used a little more battery than the Apple firmware, having it cause a drop that dramatic is a little hard to believe. My solution: Return the iPod, get a new one.

It seems that Apple has quietly upgraded the battery in the new generation of iPod videos; aka the iPod video 5.5 generation which is what I picked up today. Unfortunatly, though the refund was no problem, I find my self stymied by a new problem: Rockbox won’t work on the 5.5 gen iPod video.

Apparently Apple made the blocks of data on the hard drive four times larger (2048 byte sectors up from 512) than on the older 5 G, totally confusing the Rockbox installer. The programmers on the rockbox project are working on fixing it, but for now I am scratching my head over what to do with if I can’t play my music on it.



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