iPod fragmentation; a cautionary tale.

On the way out the door from work today, I put in my earphones and fired up my iPod so I could rock out on the train home. To my frustration, the opening riff of my chosen song stopped abruptly and after nearly a full second, picked up where it left off only to be interrupted again every few seconds for the rest of the song. This behaviour itself was not new, it had happened a few times before, and was confined to a few songs and a much lower frequency. The afflicted songs were promptly re-ripped which seemed to solve the problem, but not today. As I skipped to the next song, it too choked and cut out, as did the next one, and the next one….

Exasperated, I stuffed my iPod back in my bag and resolved to resolve this at home. Staring out the train window I had a feeling that it might be worth defragging the poor thing. Over the last two weeks it had become a beast of burden, carrying gigs of digital goodies from my bittorrent download folder at home to my DVD burner at work. Low and behold:

Volume fragmentation
Total fragmentation = 6 %
File fragmentation = 13 %
Free space fragmentation = 0 %

Fragmentation is bad for iPods.

After a long slow defragmentation it now plays without a hiccup. Yay!


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