Happy natal day to me.

Today I am celebrating my nativity by correcting the typo that landed me in Object Oriented Programming 2 instead of Web programming. With a little luck that will be sorted out in time for me to attend the first class of Web Programming at 2:00 pm this afternoon.

Yay me!


2 thoughts on “Happy natal day to me.”

  1. Happy belated birthday!

    What better way to celebrate than to switch from one entirely nerdy pursuit to another! That being said I’m totally interested in what you’re up to with all these classes. Next time we’re both at a thing I’ll have to grill you about it.

  2. Sure, grill away. The end result will eventually be a diploma for computer programming, but because of my job in IT security I have some different ideas on how those skills can be used than most of the other students in the classes. :)

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